AMA D19 Will run 4 Qualifier Rounds
1 in Arkansas - 2 in Louisiana - 1 in Mississippi

Each Qualifier round will take top 10 finishers in each class. Taking a max of 40 Racers for the AMA D19 CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT per Class!

Racers can qualify in any State/Track preferred. Once a racer is qualified, if He/She chooses to race another Qualifier round, His/her qualifying result will not count towards the AMA D19 CHAMPIONSHIP Event, as He/She is already qualified for it. Therefore, we will take the next top 10 finishers that have not qualified yet.

Once racers are qualified, they will have till date of (April 17th 12:00PM) to Pre-enter for the AMA D19 Championship Round. After the deadline date (April 17th 12:00PM) racer may lose his spot as we will start taking Alternates.

AMA D19 Regular Qualifying classes will be $35 per class.
AMA D19 PRO Qualifying classes will be $50 per class.

AMA Membership is required for all these events and available at all of the Race tracks that are part of AMA D19.

All qualifying rounds will offer the standard weekend schedule.

Organized practice on Saturday & MX Races on Sunday.


Racer Must have ran an AMA D19 Qualifier race and qualified to be eligible to race the AMA D19 CHAMPIONSHIP. Racer must PRE ENTER online for this even by April 1st. After this date, registration will no longer be available.

AMA District 19 Championship will offer overall awards 1st through 5th place at the AMA D19 CHAMPIONSHIP round. AMA District 19 Championship will offer a $3000 Pro Purse at the Championship event. $1500 For 250A Class & $1500 for the 450A Class. Pro payout is decided by overall result, Not by moto win. Must have a minimum of 15 riders in the Pro Class for Full purse Payout. Regular class entry $45. Pro class entry $60. $20 per person Gate Fee (weekend) 3 and under FREE. AMA membership required to race and available at the Race track. AMA District 19 Championship will crown a Champion in each class offered. The top five riders in each class that accumulates most points at the end of the day at the DISTRICT 19 CHAMPIONSHIP, will receive overall awards. Racer/Spectator Must be at the final round of AMA District 19 Championship to be eligible & receive overall awards, contingencies, Pit Bikes giveaways.

Here's the format for the AMA DISTRICT 19 CHAMPIONSHIP weekend event.

Saturday April 21st: Motocross organized practice 8am to 1pm.

Desoto Motorsport Park will Host their first ever Supercross race. This race will not be an AMA event nor part of AMA D19, You do not have to qualify for this SX Race. Anyone can race this event, no AMA License required. SX program starts at 1:30pm 

Sunday April 22nd: AMA D19 CHAMPIONSHIP MX Races will begin. There will be 2 motos per class.